A Guide

At MCF we want to provide the best possible CrossFit experience for you in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Here are a few tips that reflect our gym’s culture and will help you have a fun and productive class.

Come early and often. This gives you time to get ready, roll out, and have a chat. Starting all together really helps your class run smoothly. Consistency is key, so come as much as your goals, recovery, and schedule allow. That said, don’t forget to take rest days and enjoy all of your hard-earned fitness outside of the gym.

If you take something out - put it away. This helps us keep the gym looking good, clutter-free and safe. If you sweat or cried on the equipment a quick wipe down is in order. As for your personal stuff - take it home! Nobody loves your knee sleeves quite as much as you do.

Introduce yourself. We want you to feel welcome and included and that goes for everybody else too. If you see a new face, say hi before class and give a hi-five after.

Talk to your coach. Take a minute or two and tell them your shoulder is feeling funky or that your goal for the day is to really work on getting pull-ups or a squat PR. This helps the coach know a bit more to help you out during your time together.

Hold yourself accountable. Hit the standards and don’t cheat. Your coaches or other members won’t catch all those little misses, but you will. Be honest with yourself. You want to count that sketchy rep? That’s alright but don’t make it a habit.

Let it slide. You’re not the rep police. The only thing you need to focus on is you and your own progress. So, if somebody counts that bro-rep or that shallow squat, let it slide. Maybe they couldn’t even hit parallel a month ago. Enjoy the competition but as a rule: let it slide.

Make it the best hour of your day. For the time you’re here give all the focus and effort you can - that day. The workouts will be new and challenging and your attention and intensity are key to get the most out of each class. Do your best to leave your stresses and worries at the door, they’ll likely still be there on your way out - very often they’re even a little lighter when you pick them back up.

Watch your ego. A little ego doesn’t have to be a bad thing and it can help push you towards your potential, but we all know they can get out of hand. That ego can hinder you from taking instruction or set you up for an injury. Always respect the coaches and remember that tailoring a workout for your current needs is not something to be ashamed of.

WODs start and end together. Community comes first. When you finish a workout don’t start putting away equipment and packing up. Take time to catch your breath, feel proud of your effort and go cheer on your fellow members. If you’ve really got to run, inform a coach and go take care of business.

Phones. You’ve got 23 more hours in the day to be on it. Try putting it in your locker and focus on you, your movement and just having fun.

Be Yourself. Metronome CrossFit is a place for everyone and we like having all types of people here. So relax, work towards your goals, make some new friends, and have fun.