Our classes

You can find a few different classes in our schedule. Here is a brief description of the classes we offer.

Constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. This is CrossFit.  Train to be ready for anything. MCF CrossFit is an all-levels strength and conditioning program with a different focus every day. We build capacity in endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility power, speed, coordination, balance, and accuracy. Proper technique and form are emphasized and intensity is relative to each individual’s ability and goals.

CrossFit Express
Our 45min class. This express CrossFit class is strength + metcon. It's a foundational strength program that gives athletes more exposure to the barbell while also getting in a great workout and getting you back to your day. 

MCF Weightlifting
Our specialty weightlifting program with Coach Ales Palicka. This add on program focuses on refining your Olympic Weightlifting technique in movements like Snatch or Clean & Jerk.

MCF Foundations 
Our four-lesson on-ramp to introduce you to the basics of CrossFit. The classes cover the proper form and technique of foundational movements, including the barbell and gymnastics. The package includes three fundamental group classes (group of maximum five people) and one group class with a coach to introduce you to a group class setting where intensity is focused on but relative to individual ability.  

MCF Mobility
We need our bodies daily and for our entire lives, not only during a heavy squat session:)

MCF Mobility is geared to teach you basic maintenance on your body and to help you move and feel better. You don't have to be afraid of being confronted with a yogi master, performing out-of-this-world asanas. The classes are balanced out, combining renowned knowledge and focusing on long term goals and progress: improving range of motion, body awareness, fixing posture, relieving tight spots, while also addressing the right areas of the body after specific workouts.