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Why choose MCF

Why choose MCF?

Our goal is to help people live a fitter and happier life every single day.

Everyone is welcome at Metronome CrossFit regardless of background or athletic capacity.

Max 10 members in class

Our main goal at Metronome CrossFit is to help every single member every time they come in. We want you to reach your goals and 10 member cap on class size ensures that the coach has time to help everyone.

Open gym

Do you feel like working on your weaknesses instead of joining the class? We offer open gym in designated area and times every single day! Our only condition is that you still attend at least 2 group classes a week, because we want you to be involved with our community.

How to get started

We realise that getting started might be scary. Luckily you do not have to worry. At Metronome CrossFit we make sure that you feel at home from the very first step you take into our gym.

Step 1: Small group fundamental classes

We require every new member before a previous CrossFit experience to attend 4 fundamental classes. This will ensure that you know the basics of functional movements and we also use this time to get to know you better and introduce you to our friendly community.

Step 2: Join group classes

This is where all the fun begins!